Checking messages at a red light.

Looking at Facebook in traffic.

Phone to the ear chatting.

You see others doing it – and perhaps you do it yourself. It might feel harmless, but so many shocking news headlines show us otherwise. It may not seem like it, but it’s been illegal to use a handheld phone at the wheel in Malta since 2003. And while the penalties for doing so are now much tougher, could you live with causing a tragic accident because you were distracted by your phone?


Help make Malta’s roads safer for all of us.

Driving is one of the most mentally demanding things you can do. That’s a fact.


By leaving your phone alone you’re keeping everyone on the road safe.



Consider this:


If you’ve used a handheld phone at the wheel – what couldn’t wait until you got out of your vehicle?


Realise that the chances of missing something that’s genuinely important while you’re driving are very small.


Consider the consequences if you got caught using a handheld phone at the wheel – the embarrassment, the hassle, the points, the fact you might even lose your licence, and the impact that would have on your life.


Think how you would feel if you were responsible for causing an accident because your phone had distracted you.

Dying for a text?

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